Archimedes Group acquires and operates mobile home parks

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Archimedes Group was founded on two guiding principles. First, allocate capital in a responsible and meaningful way that brings value to both our investors and our tenants. Second, we find meaning and purpose in giving back to those who are less fortunate.

Mobile home parks allows us to deliver strong returns to our investors while uplifting the country's most vulnerable by providing a safe, clean, and affordable place to live.


Deal Criteria

Location - Southeast US with a focus on metro population over 400,000

Property Size - Must be 40 lots or higher, will consider smaller if close to existing investment

Utilities - Public utilities preferred, will consider private utilities

Transaction Size - $500,000 - $20,000,000

Opportunity - Value-add component exists (submetering, vacant lots, vacant POHs, poor collections, etc.)

Please contact if you have any opportunities. We will respond quickly! We pay referral fees.





Ian is a Finance graduate of Virginia Tech. He began his career in the Financial Development Program at Genworth Financial. He then joined Parkway Properties, a Class A Office REIT, as a member of the investments division. During his tenure at Parkway, Ian underwrote over a $1B in acquisitions and dispositions. Ian left to start Archimedes Group with Ryan Narus in Charlotte, NC. They have sourced, participated, and closed over $20,000,000 in deals since 2016. Currently, Ian focuses on growing and operating the portfolio.



Ryan is Psychology undergraduate and MBA graduate, with a concentration in operations, of Wake Forest University. Ryan started his career in sales and quickly became an award-winning salesman by selling over 800 cars in less than 4 years. He then went on to author a book to share his best techniques to negotiate a sale. After MBA, Ryan joined Wells Fargo as a part of their development program. Ryan found his passion in real estate. Since 2017, Ryan has participated in over $20,000,000 of transactions while driving millions of equity creation by his systems based approach operations focus. Currently, Ryan focuses on locating new opportunities and stabilizing the portfolio.


Our Story

The Archimedes Group is a private real estate investment firm focused on mobile home parks in the Southeastern US. We leverage our Spanish speaking ability as well as our unique former vocational backgrounds to lead from the front lines, improving our properties in house and building vital local relationships face-to-face. Our in house operations deliver elevated value to our residents and strong returns to our investors.

We find meaning and purpose in cultivating safe, clean communities while supporting educational development. We proudly offer a partial scholarship to our residents as well as the opportunity to build credit while paying rent. Our business model serves the lowest third of Americans who can’t afford a single family home and seek modest housing with benefits apartment living doesn’t offer like a yard and a community feel.

Our company is named after Archimedes of Syracuse, an Ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. He was regarded as one of the greatest mathematicians of all time and was one of the first to apply mathematics to explain the principle of the lever. In real estate, leverage is essential to the process. Through our regimented process, we multiply the gains for our tenants as well as our investors. 


If you have any questions and/or interest about our investment strategy, thoughts on the industry and deal opportunities, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. 

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