Tiny Home Fallacy

Occasionally, I get questions about tiny houses and their effect on the industry. In my opinion, it is a component but not a replacement of the current manufactured housing environment. It is a niche product. 

Several of our families in our parks are multi-generational and have many children. For example, three bedroom homes are more sought after than two bedrooms. Single-wide homes are less desirable than double-wide homes. Space is king if they can afford it! I struggle to live in 300 sq ft by myself, let alone with 3-4 other people. There will be a segment of the population that fantasizes about the minimalist lifestyle, but I don't think it will proliferate throughout the industry. Maybe I'm wrong.

One area of growth could be aging seniors. Throughout history, we have witnessed a growth of space. Single-family houses are considerably larger today than a few decades ago. People yearn for more and the working class is no different.