Business Sacrifice Is Apart of the Process

Every business person has to sacrifice.

It is opportunity cost analysis in action.

When we first started this business, we had to make several sacrifices.

And still do to do to this day.

We pay ourselves 30% of the money we make.

We still 'take home' less than half of the income we made in corporate America.

We prioritize reinvestment into the business.

We both drive 10+ year old Hondas and that likely won't change soon.

Cars have a negative return on investment.

We both live in modest places.

I still have several roommates. Ryan lives 30 mins away from Uptown Charlotte in a modest home.

We don't rent office space and film our content in a garage.

Long term we may have finer things, but today building a business is way more rewarding.

What sacrifices do you make for your business?

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