Relate On Their Terms

While technology aids the mobile home park business in numerous ways, one thing remains paramount - face to face interaction. This past Sunday I spent an hour or so with a older gentlemen looking to sell his park. He needs to money to move into a retirement home with his wife. We spoke on the phone multiple times but he repeatedly told me someone else was in line to purchase the park. I was second in line. Part way through our face-to-face conversation, he kept saying, "this is where your property line is". A shift happened once we met in person. 

With the older generation of owners, it's important to relate to them on their terms. A handful have mentioned that they don't use a computer and never open their email. When everyone around the country is calling their phone and sending them letter, you can easily differentiate by meeting face to face. It can close a deal. Not every deal is worth driving to before you have it under contract. But some might be the extra push you need to get the ink on the paper.