Funny Tenant Story

This business brings us many humorous, entertaining stories.

Today, I'll share one.

A tenant brought in a family member to purchase a home.

Me: We have an application process for every resident. 
Applicant: Well, I have a felon. *tells story of cops breaking into his home in the middle of the night and tasing him*
Me: 😮
Applicant: It was my ex-wife. She set me up.
Me: Got it. It will be difficult pass the background check.
Applicant: I am going to go down to the county and get it deleted. 
Me: 🤯 *I didn't know that's how the court system worked.

Few months go by…

He tries to sneak onto property by living with another resident.

Me: Sir, we told you that you have to apply to live here.
Applicant: The other property manager said I was approved
*call Ryan and put him on speaker
Me: I’m here with Paul and he said he was approved by you. Is that true?
Ryan: Absolutely not. 
Me: Sir, we are going to have to ask you leave the property. We will call the police in 24 hours if you haven’t left.
Applicant: *starts yelling obscenities* 🤬
Me: *leaves the situation quickly and goes back to office

A while passes and the office door swings out
Applicant: I’ll have you know I am going to call the NAACP and sue you.
Me: *a white male who assaulted a cop…* 🙄 Ok, sounds good.