Why Our Partnership Works

Partnerships are a normal aspect of business. Some fail while others thrive. More often than not, they dissolve. I've witnessed it a few times in the industry. It appears to work for a few years and then all of a sudden it falters when disagreements emerge. It's easy to mask differences when the team is winning.

Ryan and I have shared many successes and disagreements over the years. We are young in the game and could potentially face the same dreaded fate. However, we are a great spot today and worked through several difficult decisions.

A few things that have helped us maintain a strong partnership.

- We are brutally transparent about our feelings and thoughts. We don't have to filter information. Just say what you feel. Honesty is more important than our temporary emotions.

- If we are at a stalemate in terms of a decision, we reach out to our mentors to help guide us in the appropriate direction.

- We both appreciate responsiveness. Our communication styles match.

- We have complementing skill sets. Ryan is better at operations while I love structuring deals.

- We make fun of each other regularly to keep each other accountable. Humility is critical.

- We started as friends. We knew each other for 11 years before Archimedes. There was no rushed screening process.