Ways to Make Money As a Direct Investor

There are multiple ways to make money as a direct investor in the real estate. 

1. Fee structure - receive a fee to find/operate/develop deals for others

2. Flip structure - buy, improve, and sell

3. Cash flow structure - buy, improve, and hold

In the mobile home park industry, the conventional wisdom is to choose the third one. In most instances, it makes sense. Returns can be staple and juicy.

However, when starting out with little capital, it forces you consider all options to move forward towards your ultimate goal. In the first few years of business, the majority of our income comes from the fee structure. This provides capital for us to purchase more deals to hold long term. We take a hybrid approach to put food on the table and capital in our bank account while building to our ultimate goal. 

In conclusion, use all tools available in order to get where you are trying to go.